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Celebrating 30 years strong!

Thank you for signing up for the Run4Kids Ultra! By joining this FundRACE, you will help 100 Mile Club students and families across the country become Healthy, Happy, and Connected.

30 years ago one teacher, in one classroom, made a commitment to her students - to help them find joy in school and discover true personal success. With the goal to make fitness a way of life she challenged them to run or walk 100 miles in a single school year.

The success of these students led to the formation of the 100 Mile Club, an award-winning, national nonprofit organization that currently serves students in thousands of schools across all 50 states.

Who does the 100 Mile Club serve?

  • all kids
  • all regions
  • all populations
  • all abilities

The 100 Mile Club transcends race, gender, ability, socioeconomic status, and lifestyle and helps schools sustain and celebrate daily physical activity in a nonthreatening, supportive, and fully-inclusive environment.

The 100 Mile Club is celebrating 30 years of running strong, and commemorating this special MILEstone with our HUGE Run4Kids 48-Hour Running Party and FundRACE!

Donations to the Run4Kids 2023 FundRACE will help fund the 100 Mile Club and their students, schools, and programs.

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